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Lemon Bird

Lemon Bird is a Rock Band from Sweden. In 2008 the international rock-community has been pampered with their debut album Rara Avis. The Latin title means approximately "Rare Birds" something like unique persons. On the CD you find 12 respectable Pieces, which bring us back to the roots of guitar-based rock music.
In 2010 the band published their second work named Hangman And The Jury with 11Tracks.
The founders comment to their style: "If you like a real sound that brings the blues-based rock and roll in the funkiest way possible then Lemon Bird is your band".
The four honorable Swedish gentlemen Daniel Axelsson (Vocal & Harp), Johan Runesson (Guitar, Bajo, Flute), Rikard Borginger (Bass & Mandolin) and Anders Jonasson (D...

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