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Tommy Nilsson

Tommy Nilsson (born March 11, 1960) is a Swedish rock singer and composer. Swedish critics state that he has one of the best voices of Sweden[citation needed].

In the late 70's, the artist was the singer of Swedish heavy metal band Horizont. The group released two albums but a French producer, Yves Accary, contacted Nilsson and signed him to a French record company. The singer enjoyed his first big hit in France in 1981 with the song No Way No How. The single sold one million copies and the album 200 000 copies. No Way No How, his first album, included disco tracks and ballads. A follow up LP Tommy Nilsson was released in 1982 and this time the songs were composed by Tommy Nilsson and Alex R Contanstinos. This was a rock album...

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Staffan Stridsberg

Staffan Stridsberg is a young promissing artist from Sweden.
He participated in a music competition on tv called Fame Factory and since then he`s been out touring with his music, you can describe his music as easy lissend. He plays accustic but also with backtrack.
He wright`s his music alone and it has influenses from the irish folkmusic and country, he calls it folkrock.

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