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New Orleans Bounce Night

Katey Red (US)

Katey Red Kenyon "Katey Red" Carter became the first trans(TS) rapper to achieve national exposure with a 1999 single, Melpomene Block Party, and a 2000 full-length CD on Take Fo. What is even more remarkable is the fact that Katey is just one of the most visible of several so-called sissy rappers,queer folk who perform raw, gutta bounce for mixed (straight, gay, queer) audiences in clubs and barrooms throughout the city. Katey recorded and frequently performed with Big Freedia, and kicked off a sissy scene in New Orleans rap that grew to include notables like Vockah Redu, Chev, Sissy Nobby, and Sissy Jay. With a loyal female, queer, and gay following, these performers don't hesitate to bring their frank perspectives on New Orleans stree...

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