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Mike Sanchez (UK)

Jesus Miguel "Mike" Sanchez (born 17 February 1964, Hackney, north London, England) is a rhythm and blues singer, pianist and songwriter of Spanish-English heritage. Sanchez is known for his work with the Big Town Playboys and Bill Wyman's Rhythm Kings, and also for his solo career. He is noted for his authenticity to the work of post-war blues shouters and piano players (Wikipedia)

awesome artist, grew up in bewdley Worcs, started with big town playboys in early 80's and did a set at Thurston pub ( we have gr8 memories )twice a month.
Massive blues and rythm and boogie woogie with somethin extra of his own!
went on to massive things,
just played in Northants in 2008! Read more on . User-contributed tex...

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