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Navarra (UK)

There are two groups called Navarra; a Colombian rock band and a Swedish folk music group.

1. Navarra was a Colombian Rock band founded in Cali in the early 90's by close friends Juan Diego Ospina (Guitar), Fernando Hernandez (Bass) and Carlos Garcia (Drums). Later on, Alejandro Gomez (Voice) and Juan Gabriel Hincapie (Keyboards) joined the band. Navarra self-produced their first and only album Pobres Extranos in 1994. The album was recorded in Audiovision Studios in Bogota. Pobres Extranos had 2 top-10 hits in local radio stations, Vivir Sin Ti and Levytando. Navarra was very popular in their native city Cali and performed mainly in bars, clubs and schools. In 1995 drummer Carlos Garcia left the band and was replaced by Carlo...

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