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Hexis (DK)


There are multiple artists with this name.

1. A rock band from New Jersey whose debut album "Where Do We Go From Here" released in August 2016.

2. A group formed in late 2012 by Matt Miller and Stephen Green, incorporating elements of shoegaze, new wave, goth rock and post punk.

3. A duo of spanish producers that have worked with some of the most important urban artists in Spain,
such as Yung Beef and Bad Gyal. Read more on . User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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Inevitable End

INEVITABLE END is a metal act founded 2003 in Jönkoping, Sweden. Starting out highly influenced by the thrash genre they have gone through some good, developing processes to end up were they are today. Stably grounded in death metal they strive to give the sound of the genre a new face by mixing elements from several kinds of hard music. They most certainly are a live band delivering an intense, non-typical performance!

During the period of their EP's the band collected several promising reviews and made alot of noise in the underground scene. What's already past in the band's history includes visits to Norway, Finland, Czech Republic and Switzerland, additional to all the gigs played in their home-country Sweden.


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