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Catholic Guilt

New band featuring The Plague Mass & BØREDØM members.

"Catholic Guilt, they're from Austria and play dense, discordant hardcore in the Die Kreuzen tradition. When the label told me about this release they actually mentioned Sickoids, and with the Die Kreuzen-esque riffs and chorus-ed guitar this really does sound quite a lot like Sickoids," Read more on . User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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Inu (ES)

There are at least 4 bands known as INU.

1) INU is a Punk/New Wave band from Osaka, Japan (they may also be tagged INU).
2) Inu is an alternative/electronic band from San Francisco
3) INU is a crust/punk band from A Coruña, Spain.
4) Inu is an anime song re-mixer from Japan.

1) INU is a Punk/New Wave band from Osaka, Japan.
The band were active 1979 - 1981.
INU released their debut album "Meshi Kuuna!" (literally "Don't eat food!") in 1981. The band split shortly after the album release. "Meshi Kuuna!" is the band's only studio album. Although numerous badly recorded live albums were released on LP.
Machida Kou (町田 康) the frontman of INU went on to form a number of other bands and rel...

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