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Francobollo (UK)

Francobollo, are a Swedish/English indie rock band formed in 2010 in Lund, Sweden and based in London, UK. They are made up of Simon Nilsson (vocals, guitar), Petter Grevelius (guitar), Sam Bailey (bass) and Sean Bean (drums).

In 2016 they signed to Charlie Andrew's label Square Leg Records. The band have since released three singles, one EP (Wonderful EP) and one album (Long Live Life).
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Robotra (AT)

Flash Bang Band (UK)



Flash Bang Band began life as Andy Halliday & Len Winstanely's home studio electronic music project in Brighton, UK in 2009. After failing to satisfy the performance needs or functioning as any kind of vehicle for letting of steam, due largely to the fact that insects and walls were the only audience, the project left the room and grew legs in cyber space, wondering around Gumtree to find a gang.

Andy lost Len along the way and god only knows where he got to maybe he got eaten by a wolf, or built a boat that would float in the sky.

He did however find George (his old pal from back home), who jo...

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