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Mary Fay

The Swedish band Mary Fay was formed in 2007 and released their debut album
“This Beautiful Storm”, October 15th 2010 and it has entered several charts in Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Belgium. Relesed 4 singels "Before we lose it all 2009" "No more 2010" "THE END 2011" "Still here breathing 2012" EP 2013 "Just Pretend"
In 2013 Pierre Sonnerhed joind on the guitar and Kalle Löfgren on drums.
EP 2013 "The Greater Thirst" was realesed

The inspiration for their music comes from their own and other people's lives and is a hybrid of rock / metal. Mary Fay want to give voice to those who do not dare to talk, put text to those who can not express how they feel, tributes to those who choose to look and act and ver...

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