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Legions of War

Legions Of War ist eine Warmetal (Black/Thrash) Band aus Tanum, Nord-Bohuslän, Schweden. Die Band wurde 2002 von Hellwind (Bass), Martin Hogebrandt (Drums - ex-Suicidal Winds, ex-Conspiracy), Widowreaper (lead Guitars) und Zyklon (Vocals, Guitars) gegründet.

Proclamation of War [Demo, 2006]
In the Snipers Eye [Demo, 2007]
Mission to Kill [Demo, 2008]
Towards Death [2009]
Riding with the Blitz [Single, 2011]
Forced to the Ground [2013] Read more on . User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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Grief of Emerald

Grief of Emerald are a Black / Death Metal band from Sweden. GoE was formed between 1990 and 1992.

Robert joined on keys in '95 and they recorded a demo called "The Beginning", which was later released as a limited mini CD (500). Listenable Records offered the band a deal, and the band signed for 3 albums. The debut full length album called "Nightspawn" received very good response. Fredrik (drums) was kicked out and got replaced by a new drummer named Jonas. He joined a couple of months before the recording of the second CD entitled "Malformed Seed". The band did some touring around Europe and got a pretty good response.

They played at the "Wave Gothic Treffen" in Germany (Leipzig) and the "Party San Open Air Fest...

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