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NRBQ (the New Rhythm and Blues Quartet) are a rock/power pop band which formed in 1967 in Miami, Florida, United States. Since their formation, The Q have gained a large cult following despite limited commercial success.

They are well known for being a very versatile group; their style on a single album can range from jazz to blues to country to pop. Fans know and love them for their wacky quirkiness and unpredictability in concert.

NRBQ's 1994-2004 incarnation comprised of members Terry Adams (vocals, keyboards), Joey Spampinato (Bass), Tom Ardolino (drums), and Johnny Spampinato (Guitar). Past members include Al Anderson (1972-1994; Guitar), Tom Staley (1967-1974; drums), Steve Ferguson (1967-1971; Guitar), and F...

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Terry Adams (US)

Terry Adams (born August 14, 1948) is an American pianist/composer and a founding member of the musical group NRBQ (New Rhythm and Blues Quintet/Quartet), known for decades of extensive touring, energetic and humorous live shows, and wide-ranging musical repertoire, including rock, blues, country, pop, and jazz. NRBQ ceased performing in 2004, leading Adams to form the Terry Adams Rock and Roll Quartet in 2007. In March of 2011, Adams announced that he was changing the name of the band to NRBQ. A new NRBQ CD, "Keep This Love Goin'," heralded the move.

Adams was born in Louisville, Kentucky where he met fellow resident Steve Ferguson, a singer and guitarist who would also become a charter member of NRBQ. His older brother Donn ...

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