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Mr. Ties

Mr Ties, or Francesco De Nittis, runs the famous gay club night Homopatik, and it's made him one of Berlin's best DJs. He drops about 1,000 Euro on records every month, and spends most of his time mixing them in his apartment with three turntables, a rotary mixer and no headphones. He gave me a demo one afternoon in the airy den that serves as his studio. Standing in blue workman's overalls, he blended three records that should have nothing to do with each other: a dirty old techno 12-inch, a single by Cagedbaby and a recording of Beethoven's "Moonlight Sonata." This last one he played with the deck turned off, making queasy lurches in pitch as he pushed the label with his index finger. The other two records fell out of synch occasionall...

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