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Two Days of Circle

Circle (FI)

Pharaoh Overlord (FI)

Finland's Pharaoh Overlord take huge rock songs and turn them into minimal trance-inducing drones. Pharaoh Overlord features members of Circle. Their earlier records are stoner/jam rock, moving on to more experimental/space rock sounds, also incorporating krautrock, on their third full-length. On the instrumental riff-based rock album "#4" metallic tendencies began to show, which were further developed with the band's sixth full-length "Out of Darkness", a straight-up 80s heavy/speed metal record.

There are two "different" incarnations of the band, one written "Pharaoh Overlord" and one "Pharaoh Overlörd", each with different lineups:

Pharaoh Overlörd:
Jussi Kangas: guitars, vocals
Jussi Lehtisalo: bassLäs mer


There exist multiple bands with the name PyRaMiDo:

1)Swedish Sludge/Doom Metal band, Myspace -

2) A Dutch acoustic guitar trio from Tilburg who create peaceful guitar music. This band consisted of three young men from the Conservatory (Music School) in Tilburg who were given a chance to record their music in the Chapel Studio with help from composer Maarten Hartveldt Read more on . User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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Falcon (ex-circle) (FI)