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The Zone Nightclub

Larva (ES)

There is more than one band called "Larva":

[*] 1) A spanish Dark Electro band.
[*] 2) A Industrial/Nu-Metal band from Mexico city.
[*] 3) A croatian New-wave/Punk.
[*] 4) For the italian LARVA check also LARVA 108

[*] 1)
Spanish Dark Electro band. The project was born on the 1998, by the hand of InqUesT and Blackend with the name ‘Morbid Mind’. On the year 2003 already in solitary and with renewed forces InqUesT gives a new course to the project it changing name (now 'Larva'). Due to the technical, social and ideological change of the formation. Now more involved in social topics and with a more powerful sound; more noises and hardness, without losing an alone apex of hi...

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Cynical Existence

Cynical Existence is the new solo project of Fredrik Croona (Project Rotten, and formerly of Menschdefekt). Started in 2011, Cynical Existence melds “old school” harsh ebm and industrial with more emotional elements. According to Croona, Cynical Existence “doesn’t intend to create something new and unique, just something personal.”

Cynical Existence’s debut EP A Familiar Kind of Pain is due out April 1st on the dark electro label Engraved Ritual- mastered by Stahlblack Productions, the EP contains 8 tracks that span the gamut of electro-industrial: from the stompy ‘Always and Forever’ and ‘Dead Eyes (see no future)’ to the introspective ‘Release Me.’ The album is limited to 100 copies worldwide. Read more on . User-co...

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