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Žen (HR)

Eva Badanjak - Guitar, synths, voice
Sara Ercegović - Drums, synths, voice
Ivona Ivković - Bass, synths, voice
Tanja Minarik - Live visuals

Formed in Zagreb, in 2009, the four-piece audio-visual band ŽEN (xzen) combining massive synths and polyphonic vocals with classical rock gear (drums, bass and guitar), and astonishing live VJing. Their music ranges from post-rock and noise to synth-electro and dream-pop. Combining intricate arrangments and immersive live visuals they create a fully authentic psy post rock experience. Eva, Sara and Ivona got together in Autumn 2009, recorded EP, went on tour, and until 2010 create and perform music under the name Žen.
In the summer of 2011 visual artist Tanja joins, whi...

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