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Redemption Denied (BE)

The Setup (BE)

There are several bands with the name: 'The Setup'
1) The California Vegan Straight Edge Band
2) The belgian hardcore band
3) The british inde band from Stoke-On-Trent
4) The Scottish Indie band from Edinburgh
5) The American band from Michigan

1) A Vegan Straight Edge band from Chula Vista, CA, they released the "Screams of Reason" 7" on Words of War Records and the "Straight Outta Chula Vista " demo in 1998 for their tour that same year. They were also set to release a full length CD on Warpath Records but that unfortunately was never released.

2)The Setup has quickly built a name for themselves by ferociously bulldozing every basement and club in Belgium and surrounding areas these last c...

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