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Smör Synthpop & Kärlek #3

Rational Youth (CA)

Rational Youth were a Canadian New Wave band, originally formed in 1981 in Montreal, Quebec, by synthesizer wizards Tracy Howe and Bill Vorn, both of whom idolized the German synthpop pioneers Kraftwerk.

Among the band's notable singles were "Saturdays in Silesia" and "Dancing on the Berlin Wall," from their debut album, Cold War Night Life (1982); and "In Your Eyes" and "Holiday in Bangkok," from Heredity (1985) (both tracks appeared previously on a Rational Youth mini-album from 1983).

In 1999, Rational Youth, with a new lineup of original frontman Howe and new keyboard players Jean-Claude Cutz and Dave Rout, they released their first album in fourteen years, "To The Goddess Electricity".

In 2000, a spe...

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Psyche (DE)

Psyche are a Canadian dark synth pop band that's currently based in Germany. Originally founded in 1982 by Darrin Huss with his brother Stephen Huss, briefly including Dwayne Goettel, the group is now centered around Darrin Campbell Huss himself, who remains the only constant member through its history. Collaborations exist with David Kristian, Per-Anders Kurenbach, and Remi Szyszka, all recording albums with Darrin under the name Psyche. To date, Psyche have released 11 official full length albums, 1 DVD entitled 'Imaginary Life', and several compilations.

Some examples of their best known songs are "Brain Collapses", "Unveiling the Secret, "Eternal", "Misery", "Tears", "Sanctuary", "Gods and Monsters", "15 Minutes", and a re...

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Sista Mannen på Jorden

Swedish synthpop band consisting of band members Eddie Bengtsson and Matts Wiberg.
The band started playing together, first as a sideproject, in the mid 1980:s.

The bands performed live for the first time in june 1986, but their first record was not released until March 1998. The CD was called "Först i rymden" which translates to "First in space" and was a limited 500 copies edition with just five tracks. The CD contained only old material, but after having been sold out in just a few weeks the band decided to release a new full length CD. The full length CD was released in november 1998, called "Ligg tyst ett tag med..." which translates to "Lay silent a while with...".

The CD was followed by a second full len...

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Robert Marlow (UK)

Robert Marlow (born Robert Allen in Basildon, Essex) was a synthpop artist that was once a budding member of the underground electronic music scene in Basildon. He started off in 1977 playing guitar in the Vandals (not to be confused with the American group) with Alison Moyet (later of Yazoo), and he then became a member of The Plan alongside synthpop maestro Vince Clarke (later of Depeche Mode, Yazoo, and Erasure) on guitar. He and Clarke also dabbled in the group French Look with Martin L. Gore (later also of Depeche Mode). Showing the same sort of determination and talent as his compatriots, Marlow tried his hand at being the next big thing in British electronica himself. In 1984, he released 'The Peter Pan Effect'.


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I Satellite (CA)

I SATELLITE create retro futurist electronic pop music inspired by the music and sounds from the golden era of analog synthesizers, the late 70's and early 80's, using vintage analog synths and drum machines for all sounds and textures.

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