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Koppermountain Breakdown


The NYHC Breakdown started in Yonkers, NY just outside of NYC. It consisted of Jeff (Vocals), Carl (Guitar), Don (Guitar), Rich (Bass), and Drago (Drums.) The band fused the thrash style of A7 style hardcore punk with a modern metallic crunch, influenced by crossover sound of bands like The Crumbsuckers, CroMags, and Agnostic Front. Their classic demo, released as a 7" and then CDEP on Blackout! Records set the stage for bands like Hatebreed and Madball. This first line up of Breakdown split up in 1988, Jeff continued with new musicians, releasing albums on Thorp and Eyeball Records while Carl, Drago, and Rich joined with Ex-NY Hoods Guitarist and Ex-Token Entry vocalist Anthony to form Raw Deal. Read more on . User-contributed ...

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The Greed

The Grid is an English group/production group for electronic music, that consists of Richard Norris and David Ball (mostly Dave Ball as a solo artist and formerly of Soft Cell).

Their 1994 single "Swamp Thing", which featured elaborate banjo lines (played by Roger Dinsdale) over house beats was widely popular in the UK and Australia, reaching number forty-four on the 1994 Triple J Hottest 100. The Grid's 1994 album Evolver, which contained the "Swamp Thing" single, reached number fourteen in the UK charts. "Swamp Thing" was also released in 1995 on Triple J's Hottest 100 Volume 2 compilation. Other songs by The Grid include Texas Cowboys, Rollercoaster and Flotation.

After splitting up to pursue individual music int...

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The Boatsmen