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Perfect Crime

There are at least four bands named Perfect Crime.

1) A Norwegian rock band from Trondheim (1987-90's)
2) A Norwegian rock band from Sandnes (2006/2007-2008?)
3) A Russian band (more info needed)

Blonde On Blonde later renamed Perfect Crime is a Norwegian rock band from Trondheim who existed from 1987 to the early 90s. Blonde On Blonde had the following members: Bente Småvik (vocals, former Four Jets), Chris Candy (named Kristin Renanger - now Sjöberg, vocals), Jimmy Iversen (guitar, Road), Roger Gilton (keyboards, ex Chris Candy ), Steinar Eikum (bass, ex TNT) and last but certainly not least, drummer Willy Bendiksen with a past in bands like Fall, Road and St. Helena. Chris Candy had her own b...

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Big Time


There are more than one band under the name ''Stains''

1. STAINS is a rock n roll band formed in Stockholm, Sweden in the spring of 2010.
the band was orignial formed by Sheriff Stanzy and the drummer Tim Lönnhammar before Pata and Freddie joined the band.
In the summer of 2010 the band found a singer, Danny, but they lost their drummer.
The band got back on track real quick when they found the drummer Tim Jälminger who joined the band.
The band wrote some new material for their first EP "Straight From the Gutter" that was released in the late january 2011.
In the beginning of August 2011 they started to record a new EP called "Far Away From Paradise" that was released September 15 2011 with a release ...

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