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Moat (US)

Moat is two bands:

a) Moat was created in 1996 by Warharan originally under the name of Darkness Ravening. In 2001, Warharan changedthe name to Moat to better represent the musical feel and to put behind the first era of the bandwhich went nowhere for many years. Moat's music can be best described as raw enchanting atmospheric Black Metal. Moat's lyrical themes revolve around medieval fantasy and nature. That same year, Moat releasedits first demo, "Black Fucking Metal". Then a break came in 2005 when Black Flame Records released Moat's debut which contained the demo, remixed and remastered, along with some extra tracks. Later that year, Moat recorded an EP called, "The Crow And The Sorrow" and distributed 20 limited pr...

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