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Tiger Lou

Tiger Lou is the main project of singer/songwriter Rasmus Kellerman from Nyköping, Sweden, founded in 2001.

He debuted the autumn of 2003 with the EP Trouble and Desire on legendary Swedish independent label Startracks. The EP included the track Sam, as in Samantha for which a dramatic and striking video was made by director Magnus Renfors. Interest came quickly both in Sweden and abroad. The EP was released the same autumn in the US on the Parasol label. Straight after the EP's release Rasmus set out on a month long solo tour stateside and also had time to squeeze in a tour of Germany with only this EP released.

Tiger Lou is also involved in several other musical constellations: Araki, Las Puertas (along with his w...

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There are at least three bands artists using the name Holmes

1) a band from Sweden
2) a singer power pop singer songerwiter from Los Angelese California
3) A singer-songwriter who plays the ukelele from Peterborough Ontario, Canada
4) a band from Tallinn, Estonia

1) Sincere, true and honest – three words to describe the music of Holmes, but also three words to describe them as a band. When you meet Holmes either through the speakers of your stereo, at the house of a friend or live in concert you will soon realize that you have found a new friend. I first met Holmes in 2009 through their Storm EP and after playing those four tracks for five or six hours straight during a rainy Friday afternoon I soon r...

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