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Angharad Davies (UK)

Axel Dörner (DE)

Axel Dorner is a trumpet player from Berlin, who works in the fields of composed music, improvisation and jazz.
"Axel Dorner has a panoramic perspective on the trumpet. In his hands, it can sing with all the glorious history jazz has invested in it. Or, alternatively, it can be reduced to an improvisor's "objet trouvé" - twisted clumb of clumber's refuse, metal tube of given length with several holes and plugs given over to variances in hissing and whistling."
Dorner is considered as one of most important improvisation musicians in europe. He developed new playing techniques and also uses electronics in relation to his trumpet playing.
Axel Dorner played a.o. with Tom Cora, Mats Gustafsson, Keith Rowe, Andrea Neumann an...

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Dimitra Lazaridou-Chatzigoga (GR)

Henrik Olsson