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From the howling abyss, The Beast shall rise

The vile entity known as Withershin was spawned in 2006. Its inevitable conception was the result of the founding members’ desire to take previous musical efforts and ambitions to a higher level.
Withershin creates potent and devastating black metal,
exploring the darkness without limitations.

The first offering, “Chaos Discipline“, was recorded and released roughly a year after the bands cursed birth. A few months later, having recruited the powerful vocalist Nine, Withershin sealed a pact with the American label Canonical Hours for the release of the debut album.

“Ashen Banners“, a work of pure wrath and terror, was recorded in studio Endarker durin...

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NETHERBIRD sprung into existence during November 2004 in Stockholm, Sweden as Nephente (vocals), Bizmark (guitars, keyboard) and Grim (guitars) found they were sharing a vision on how to write and record metal music without the limitations of a set line up or metal. The clear intent to create music without to much concern of genres or instrumentation has resulted in the band having a rather broad range of obvious influences spanning from black metal to to doom and heavy metal. The roots and deeper influences can always be found in the Scandinavian metal legacy.

The first song ever recorded, “Boulevard Black”, was originally released as a limited promotion single to select labels and media resulted in a lot of interest of the b...

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