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Zoster (BA)

There are 3 bands with the name Zoster:

1. Zoster (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
The band Zoster was formed in the autumn of 2000 on the initiative of Mario Knezović and Dragan Planinić to say something. A year later, they were joined by the drummer Goran Rebac and singer Marijana Pejić, and four of them make the backbone of the band. Zmajevi, Flomasteri are just a few names that band had changed during their first performances. The name of the band Zoster came up after Mario recovered from herpes zoster that he was diagnosed by a great fan of the band, a certain doctor Miko. Herpes zoster is a virus living in a human body and in the case of low immune system it results in a skin rash spreading gradually usually over shoulders ...

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