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Cosmic Cow



Wayflower was formed in Stockholm, Sweden 2011. Rising from the ashes of bands like The Flu, Eightyones and Oband, the formation consists of drummer Lasse, vocalist Liza, guitarists and vocalists Kaveh and Björn and the jazzmeister Göran on bass.

The band released their first two-track demo in March 2011, which included the songs “Stay A Little Longer” and “Follow Me”.

Later the same year, autumn 2011, the band started to work on their self-titled EP which contained five new songs. The EP was produced by One Touch Edit studio in Stockholm and released in May 2012.

In 2013 Wayflower decided to go for a full length album together with One Touch Edit once again. The album has more of a ...

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Silly Season

It all started back in 2003 when Peter and Trausti decided to put their old band back together. The guys played in a band called Seizure back in school but had split up some time after graduation. A few years had gone by and it seemed they were the only ones from the former lineup who actually wanted to do this. So the hunt went on for additional "Silly" ones. 

Mags was the first one to sign up and took seat behind the drums. They stumbled over an abandoned garage and the Silly Season era had begun!

Next to join the army was Per, they desperately needed a bass player since two guitars (Trausti played in those days) and drums weren’t enough. Per had recently moved to Järna and got introduced to the guys by an old...

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Crash & Burn

Mother Jack