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Ill Blood

Black Mask (US)

1. Black Mask is a four piece chaotic, hardcore, grind band from Punxsutawney, PA. Their self titled, six song EP is available at:
For more info, visit:

2. The Black Mask is a live hip-hop band from Bozeman, Montana.

Independent and different. Black Mask is a collective consisting of 4 members; Maulskull( Producer/MC), Raph(MC), INfluence(Prod,MC,DJ), America Smith(MC). Based out of Denver, they possess great song concepts, articulate/evil production, lyrical ability, and mountain experience to kick your ass.

3. Black Mask has been collectively producing independent hip hop music and touring since the summer of 2006, when th...

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Eternal Sleep (US)

'Eternal Sleep' is a metalcore band from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; formed in 2012 by Joseph Sanderson (Vocals), Travis Bennington (Guitar), Ben Duty (Bass) and Colin Bennington (Drums)

The band debuted with 'Lessons', followed by the EPs 'Dead Like Me'(2013) and 'Belief In The Truth Of Nothing' (2015). Their debut album 'The Emptiness Of​' dropped in May 2016.

The band has toured US and Europe supporting the likes of Bane, Code Orange, Harm's Way, Madball, Discourse, Axis, The Beautiful Ones, etc..., including a performance at 'This Is Hardcore in 2015'. 2016 sees the band returning to TIHC and touring heavily in support of their debut album joining Xibalba, Disgrace, Twitching Tongues, Incendiary, God's Hate, Harm'...

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