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Royal Acid Orchestra

Suomen Pojat

Los Diables

Los Diablos could be:
-A crust/punk hardcore band from Adelaide, Australia in the vein of Tragedy, Skitsystem and Victims. Featuring members of Unit 11:47, Captain Cleanoff, and Slaughter Thou. They released 1 album, Viva Hate in 2005.
-70's Spanish Band
-Boston Folk Band
-or an an americana, band formed in 2005 by singer, songwriter, guitarist Mark Dubin and drummer Jong "Chino" Leon.

Their music and performances are built on classic country rock and straight up punk ethics... loud guitars, acoustic harmonies, and laid back rhythms underneath tales of dishonesty, jealousy, and greed.

The guys in the band have come from some of the most influential and important South Florida undergro...

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