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Norrbotten Hardcorefest



MISANTROPIC was born from the ashes of PERSONKRETS 3:1 who broke up in early 2007. After the breakup Matte, Johannes and Rille decided to start up a new band based on their mutual love for oldschool crustcore/anarchopunk. Zoid (also in loads of local metal bands like Hellmasker, Satariel and Bewitched) joined in on drums and Eken (also in local thug core mafia Lesra) took the bass. The result - a brutal mix of crustcore, thrash and death metal.

The original lineup has gone through some changes during 2009: Matte and Eken switched their instruments after the recording of the EP, and Johannes has recently left the band due to him moving down south. Gerda, who used to sing in ...

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Dick Tracy


Krigskontrast is a crust/punk/hardcore band from the north-eastern parts of Sweden, in Gavle. They were born from the ashes of the earlier hardcoreband K.T.S.A, in late 2006. After a few lineup changes, the current band consists of Joppe & Felix - guittar + vocals, Henrik - bass & Albin - drums. They have made a twenties of gigs and have played pre-concert band with bands like Cop on Fire such as Splitter and Worst Case Scenario, in several swedish places. Read more on . User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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