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The Animal Five

The Animal five started out as a four (!) piece band in Malmö, Sweden in 2000. The original band members were Martin von Inghardt (vocals), Andreas Olofsson (guitar), Jesper Walldorf (bass) and Peter Alstorp (drums). In 2002 guitarplayer Mattias Stålnacke joined the band and completed the lineup.
The same year a vinyl 7" single "Sneeze interrupted / Summertime in Sweden" was released on Diapazam, a small Stockholm punk rock label.

Late 2005 The Animal Five were signed for Trampolene, a revived sub-label to Universal Sweden that originally had been created for The Cardigans. Their selfentitled debute 6 track mini-album was released in june 2006 along with the singel "Sharks".

Their music has got one foot in the...

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