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Ravage Machinery (FI)

Ravage Machinery is a five-piece death/thrash metal band from Rovaniemi, Finland. The band originally started as Replicators in 2004 as a group that only played cover songs. Later in 2005, the band transformed into Ravage Machinery, which aimed to create its own material instead.

The fresh band played its first performance in one of its local venue with the bands Maple Cross and Diamanthian. During the years Ravage Machinery has also warmed up bands like Profane Omen, Zero Nine, Rotten Sound, Lambs, National Napalm Syndicate and Sacred Crucifix, just to name a few, and was also a part of the roster in the Nummirock Metalfest 2010.

Ravage Machinery has released two demo CDs, "Demo 2007" in 2007 and "Reigning Disease"...

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