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John Murry (CA)

John Murry (born John Miller Murry in 1979 in Tupelo, Mississippi) is an American musician, singer-songwriter, composer and co-owner of Evangeline Records. His debut album, entitled "The Graceless Age", was issued on Evangeline Records in 2012 and listed by Uncut as one of the best records of 2012.

Murry began singing at the age of five in church in Tupelo, Mississippi. At 12, he learned to play the Tom Petty song, "Free Fallin.” After moving to Memphis, Tennessee as a teenager, Murry began playing in bands from about 1999. In 2004 he moved to the Bay Area of California and began performing solo work. In 2005 he began recording with producer (and American Music Club drummer) Tim Mooney and worked at San Francisco's Closer Rec...

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