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Kommando XY

From the town of Gävle the two heroes Jocke and Gustav decided to fight against normality, soberness and boredom. Late 2005 when his friend Jonatan moved to Poland who together formed Sturm Café, Gustav got a lot of time to spend on other projects. Jocke was an old companion, guest on the SC track Schweiss Bier und Stahl for instance, with a great ability to scream. The two formed the constellation Kommando XY. Then within a few months some tracks where made, all with themes of masculinity, booze and life in Gävle, exclusive sung in swedish. Read more on . User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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Johannes Und Der Täufer


There are four and possibly more bands named Apnea.

1) Apnea is a Japanese indie-band hailing from Tokyo, Japan. The band's lineup consists of Yuji Someya (vocals & guitar), Joko (bass), Atsushi Murakami (guitar) and Hd (drums). So far, Apnea has released an album as well as an EP and made appearances on various compilations.

2) Apnea is a Canadian hard rock band originating from Brantford, Ontario. The band's lineup is Nick DaCosta (vocals & guitar), Eric Davis (drums), Ben Melfi (guitar) and Ryan Nichols (bass). Apnea has released an independent EP produced by Randy Solski and has played gigs in Southern Ontario.

3) Apnea is a Spaniard indie rock band from Madrid.

4) Apnea is a death metal ...

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