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Stiffy Jones

Strawberry Blondes (UK)

Keeping it strictly roots, punk n roll mob kings, Strawberry Blondes like their rock n roll super charged. Their songs are short, sharp, shocks of highly melodic punk rock bile, based on the rudiments thrown down by the classic first Clash album, or against the grain conviction of the early Manics or the zeitgeist defining lyrical smarts of their beloved Goldblade. The Strawberry Blondes, slash n burn two minute blasts of guitar driven punk rock n roll, their mini anthems-should-be-Top-30 missives. This is sheer pop perfection. The heartfelt vocals, the amphetamine rush of guitars, struck with a passion and fired with the burning frustration of living on the wrong side of nu millennium boom time Britain. Turning their cynicism and world-...

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