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Feisty. Catchy. Sweet sounding, but equally razor-sharp and sarcastic. The music of Leonore travels peacefully from light to dark, until dawn breaks yet again. The band from Brussels release their debut album "Phoenix", after two years of gigging and sharing the stage with Avi Buffalo, Amatorski, Intergalactic Lovers, Bony King, Marble Sounds and Eefje de Visser.

The album was made with the help of first-class singer-songwriter Hannelore Bedert, top guitarist Thomas Vanelslander (Gorki and Arno), sound engineer Filip Tanghe (Balthazar) and sound engineer Tim Augustynen (Black Box Revelation, Steak Number Eight).

The songs "The Island" - selected for De Nieuwe Lichting at Studio Brussel - and "Brussels" - played on...

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