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Numbah Ten

1. Swedish stoner group.

2. Numbah Ten was a finnish hard rock/heavy metal group during 1993 - 1997, from the town of Vaasa, Finland. Band members were Patrik Norrgård (vocals), Benny Fors (guitar), Jocke Kulju (guitar), Björn Backman (bass) & Jesse Nissinen (drums). This also was the only line-up throughout the group's existence.

Benny Fors and Patrik Norrgård were previously known from other local hard rock outfits. Their previous outfit--Hollis Brown--only existed for three years and released two singles before disbanding in 1991. Before they disbanded they made quite a few local headlines, even collaborating with finnish rock scene mainstay Dave Lindholm. Norrgård and Jocke Kul...

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The Trembling

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