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At least two bands uses the name 'Patrask'.

1. Patrask is a medieval inspired band, originally from Falun, Sweden (see the picture to the left). While mostly playing on historical events like Medeltidsveckan, Skoklosterspelen etc, they have also been seen at many other different locations. They play their music on period instruments as the schalmei, the hurdy gurdy, various bagpipes and drums.

To this day they have realeased tree albums:
- Länge Leve Patrask (2005)
- Allegria Allegria (2006)
- ÖS (2007)

2. Patrask is also folkrock band from Gotland, Sweden. The band was formed 1989 and had since then released 3 singles and 2 full CD:s.


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