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Eternal Erection (FI)

Eternal Erection ( is a Finnish funk band lead by Sam "Rick Lover" Huber (vocals, keyboard). They are known from energetic live gigs and their music has influences from Afro-American soul and funk, jazz, latin and techno. The band describes their music as "Finnish Forest Funk".

Other members of the band are guitarist Joakim "Ray Slick" Guthwert , bass player Pontus "Chanell" Gylling, drummer Hemu "Fifi" Häsänen, percussionist Ville "The Hook" Hukkinen, saxophonist Markus "Furillo" Holkko and trumpeter Tero "T-Roy" Saarti.

Eternal Erection has released five albums: Family Tree (1998), No Funk About It (2000), On Top (2005), the live album On Tour (2006) and Angels and Bandits (2009). Read m...

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