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Lars-Gunnar Bodin

Lars Gunnar Bodin (July 15, 1935, Stockholm) is a Swedish pioneer in the field of electronic music during the 1960s, especially in the Scandinavian scene.

[edit] Education and early career

He studied classical music and traditional compositions under Lennart Wenström. Bodin joined the art group Fylkingen in 1962. With growing notoriety, Bodin made a point to increase the interest in artistic electronic music in his home country of Sweden. In 1967, Bodin and his friend Bengt-Emil Johnson directed the Stockholm festivals of text-sound composition. In 1969, Bodin was appointed the chairman of Fylkingen, a position he held until 1972. He visited the USA as a Composer in Residence at Mills College, California, in 1972. I...

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