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The Boxer Rebellion (UK)

Indie/alternative band comprising American Nathan Nicholson, Australian Todd Howe and Englishmen Adam Harrison and Piers Hewitt; together they deliver a mixture of raucous bass-heavy grooves, alternately fragile and explosive vocals, and melodic sounds. Packed live performances show that TBR have amassed a solid fanbase, and one forgiving of the long waits between releases.

In 2000, Nathan Nicholson left Tennessee, America after the death of his mother, and came to London. The band formed in 2001 through a chance meeting at London's 12 Bar Club between vocalist Nathan and guitarist Todd. This quickly cemented into a firm friendship which resulted in them living and writing together. College friends Adam and Piers, were soon in...

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Christof (UK)

Christof, hailing from the lowlands of Holland, was in his early life inspired by his classical singing mother and guitar picking/singing father. Soon he was humming along to Mozart in the back of the car at the age of 5.

In October 2007, Christof was lured by the bohemian bright lights and the smoky winding cobble-stoned late nights of Galway, in the west of Ireland. He remained in Galway for 4 years, learning all the tricks and trades as a troubadour, starting off busking and working his way up the ladder. The lyricality of his songs and his voice, abundant in strength and sensitivity, charmed the hearts of all who heard him busking, and he quickly became a popular performer in venues around the city.

December 200...

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