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White Denim (US)

White Denim is a bluesy, jazzy, garage-rock trio, hailing from Austin, Texas USA. According to vocalist/guitarist James Petralli, White Denim’s songs are the musical manifestations of abstract paintings or philosophical tracts. He explained to UK music magazine the NME: "The things that I like to read are generally abstract. I like patterns, I like reading poetry and avant-garde prose and I'm more interested in musical patterns in literature than I am in long-form narratives. I look at paintings and try to visualise an object or image, then assimilate how that makes me feel into a series of phrases and try to make it musical."
River To Cross Songfacts

In March 2005, the two bands Parqu...

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Solids (CA)

Solids may refer to:
1) A rock band from Montreal, Canada.
2) An Australian improv trio.
3) A Japanese fictional idol group.

1) Solids are Xavier Germain-Poitras & Louis Guillemette. The duo formed in 2009 in Montreal and have since released an EP called 'Generic Dogs EP'. It's available on their Bandcamp.

2) "A mass exodus of Perth characters to Melbourne in the mid-'90's led to (Julian) Williams forming classic Australian improv trio Solids. Beginning as a warped, wracked pop outfit, whose early releases betrayed strong influences from The Fall and other early '80's acts whose music expanded from pop constructions to free territories, Solids eventually exploded into a pure improvised experience. Whi...

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