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Karin Krogh

Morten Gunnar Larsen (NO)

Morten Gunnar Larsen (born Oct 1 1955) is a Norwegian pianist who has specialized in ragtime, stride piano and early jazz. In 1978 he graduated from Norwegian Music Academy as a classical pianist. In 1975 he released his first solo record, "Classic Rags and Stomps", which he was rewarded Norwegian Grammy for in 1976. In 1977 he founded Ophelia Ragtime Orchestra, and he performed with stridepianist Eubie Blake, whereupon he wrote "Memories of Eubie". His work in New Orleans resulted in a US tour with the production One mo' time (1979-81), written by Vernel Bagneris. His collaboration with Bagneris was continued in the production "Jelly Roll! - the music and then man" dedicated to Jelly Roll Morten. This was played at Oslo Jazzfestival in ...

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