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Framest (LV)

The band "Framest" is an a cappella group, consisting of 5 talented Latvian singers who have finished Riga Dome choir school (many of them are currently taking further studies in J.Vītola Latvian Music academy) and have combined their talent to make an extraordinary and beautifully sounding songs.

The members of the band are Annija Putniņa (1st soprano), Elīna Šmukste (2nd soprano), Mikus Abaroniņš (countertenor), Jānis Ķirsis (baritone) and Edgars Janovs (bass).

Their repertoire is wide enough - they sing classical music, jazz, also popular melodies composed by famous Latvian composers such as Raimonds Pauls, Imants Kalniņš and others. They also have their original songs composed by members of the band. Read more ...

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