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Framest (LV)

The band "Framest" is an a cappella group, consisting of 5 talented Latvian singers who have finished Riga Dome choir school (many of them are currently taking further studies in J.Vītola Latvian Music academy) and have combined their talent to make an extraordinary and beautifully sounding songs.

The members of the band are Annija Putniņa (1st soprano), Elīna Šmukste (2nd soprano), Mikus Abaroniņš (countertenor), Jānis Ķirsis (baritone) and Edgars Janovs (bass).

Their repertoire is wide enough - they sing classical music, jazz, also popular melodies composed by famous Latvian composers such as Raimonds Pauls, Imants Kalniņš and others. They also have their original songs composed by members of the band. Read more ...

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Norrbotten Big Band

Mari Boine (NO)

Mari Boine is a SAMI musician from Norway known for having added jazz and rock to the "yoiks"(Sami traditional music) of her native people. Boine (born 8 November 1956 in Finnmark, Norway) grew up amid the Laestadian Christian movement as well as amidst discrimination against her people. She was asked to perform at the 1994 Winter Olympics in Lillehammer, but refused because she perceived the invitation as an attempt to bring a token minority to the ceremonies. Gula Gula (1989, Real World) was her breakthrough release, and she has continued to record popular albums. Read more on . User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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Nicolai Dunger

Nicolai Dunger is a singer and acoustic songwriter from Piteå in Sweden. He has released eleven EPs and albums, singing primarily in English, and collaborated notably with Will Oldham, Mercury Rev, the Esbjörn Svensson jazz trio and Ebbot Lundberg.


A former football player, Nicolai was signed by the Telegram label of Warner records, releasing two albums that did not sell enough copies to enable him to give up his part-time job as a gardener.

A meeting with Ebbot Lundberg of the Swedish band Soundtrack of our Lives led to two further albums, a tour with Emiliana Torrini and the use of one of his songs in an advertisement for an oil company. This small influx of cash enabled the production of a tr...

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Katarina Barruk

Daniel Wikslund