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Serpent Omega

Serpent Omega is a doom/sludge metal band from Stockholm, Sweden, formed by the sole intent of mediating gargantuan earth-splitting heavy tunes. The band was vomited out of the innards of the Great Serpent in 2011, ever since exploring the beyond side of the void and worshipping the power of the Riff. Read more on . User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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Sadistik Forest (FI)

The story of Sadistik Forest began in summer 2007 when guitarist Antti Heikkinen (ex-Fall of Man, VIHA), inspired by Possessed comeback shows, decided to put together a band that would perform brutal, relentless and unforgiving Death Metal.

Text messages were sent to his long time aquintances guitarist Jarkko Lahtinen (Heartburn, ex-Fall of Man), drummer Vesa Mutka (Bjav, Sicknote, ex-Rosemary) and vocalist/bassist Markus Makkonen (Farewell, ex-Entrail Tension Experiment). At this point every beforementioned musician had played metal for over a decade! The band was formed within the same day. Unfortunately Jarkko couldn't find time to continue with the new group, so remaining crew decided to continue as a trio.


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