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The story of Rajoitus... Founding members 'Jani' and 'Pete' sat around one night listening to old finnish hardcore and was so inspired they decided to put together a like such band. They took on two other people 'Marko' and 'Wacker' - some year later 'Wacker' moved away from town. In 1995 the band took on 'Pena' on drums and recorded their first demo 'Tuomittun Epäuskon Sortoon'.

The band performed their first show at a local gathering in a cultural centre one cold winter night in 1996. Some time after that the 12" 'Hardcore Attack 1995' was released by Distortion Records (swe). This record was the trax of the first demo. Soon after that the band recorded their second session which was released by Sludge Records (fra) as a 7"...

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