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Hippie Diktat (FR)

Hippie Diktat is a jazzcore band from Paris, France.

Antoine Viard (saxophones), Richard Comte (guitars) and Julien Chamla (drums) first met as a trio in 2011 in a free improvisation context. The music resulted to be both lyrical and aggressive, with elements of free jazz and free rock, due to their common influences; from rock and metal bands (Meshuggah, Tool, Zu) to contemporary American and European jazz (Marc Ducret, Tim Bern, Ellery Eskelin, Paul Motian) and contemporary music (György Ligeti, Edgard Varèse, Olivier Messiaen). Later the band started to work on some compositions that were basically melodies and rhythmical structures. Those elements were used as canvas to improvise on.

They have played all over Eu...

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