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1) Sirena is metalcore/post-hardcore band from Piscataway, New Jersey, USA.
In short, Sirena aren't just “that band with a pretty voice” or “that really heavy act.” Rather, they’re both—a band that uses a brutalizing one-two punch of dynamic heaviness and contagious catchiness to get stuck on repeat in the listener’s brain for days.

Drums - Rich Holland Jr. @rich_sirena
Vocals - Steve Cipparulo @steve_sirena
Guitar/Vocals - Michael Dermek @mike_sirena
Bass - Steven Joffee @Joffoffle

2) Sirena is the stage name of Stockholm, Sweden native, singer-songwriter Elsa Carmona. She released her debut single, "Love Is Not" in June of 2013. She is currently signed to Noonie Bao's record label, 2manyfreckle...

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