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Robert Nordmark

Chris Jennings

There are 2 artists named Chris Jennings:

1. In Paris France since 2002, Canadian double bassist CHRIS JENNINGS has established himself as double bassist with guitarist Nguyen Lê’s New Quartet (with Rita Marcotulli and Danny Gottlieb/Roberto Gato), Nguyen Lê’s « Fragile Beauty Project, » the Dhafer Youssef Quartet (with Tigran Hamasyan and Mark Guiliana) and renowned Turkish Ney musician Kudsi Erguner Group. A performer, composer, leader, arranger and teacher, playing a wide variety of musical genres and styles on both upright and electric basses, he leads the “CHRIS JENNINGS TRIO” with Pierre Perchaud on acoustic guitar and Leon Parker on drums, as well as the “JENNINGS/PERCHAUD” acoustic duo. Other projects include the Ja...

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Fredrik Rundqvist