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Solanas Cunts

Born/dead (US)

Born/Dead is a dark, anarchist hardcore punk band that formed in late 2000 in Oakland, California with the rhythm Section, Bill Jackson and Wyatt Culbertson of the Long-time East Bay Punk band Chemical Imbalance and the guitarist from the short lived Santa Cruz, California band No Options. Born/Dead's sound and lyrics are influenced by classic American Hardcore punk, UK peace punk and political Punk bands such as Crucifix and Aus-Rotten. In 2001 after mercilessly gigging in the San Francisco Bay Area, the band released their debut 5-song 7" EP "24 Hostages" as the first release on the Guitarists No Options record label which sold briskly leading the band to begin work on a full length record.

With initial tracks recorded, the ...

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