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Kurt Olvars Rebeller

Kurt Olvars Rebeller was formed in 1987 from the debris of two bands: Ulla Urin & VFP. The Andersson brothers + Nicke, Henke and Toni formed the band Aktiv Död. Henke left and there was four left…

The 1:st gig was under the name Aktiv Död in February 1988. The band was disbanded and the brothers and Toni continued under the name Kurt Olvars Rebeller.

Toni left and in came Kent “Sid” Gunnarsson. This setting lasted during the 1:st single “Rikas värld”, 1991. In 1993 Jocke joined the band and after the premiere rehearse they went to the studio to record “Religion o politik” (They rehearsed the songs once before the studio). The trio went on and recorded “Punken är död – leve tvåans buss” CDS, ”Överheten” CD, ”Nog” CD ...

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There are, at least, two bands known as Troublemakers:

1) A French trio
2) A Swedish punk

1) A French trio: Fred Berthet, Arnaud Taillefer & DJ Oil. They met, in 1998, at la Friche Belle (Marseille, France). Their appreciation for '60s / '70s jazz, funk & film scores - plus dance elements - produced a distinctive eclectic sound.

Two years in studio produced a début album - Doubts & Convictions (2001 on Guidance Recordings). Then, Fred departed, leaving a duo. Next they produced a 52 min' film soundtrack - Express Way (filmed in Marseille, OST on Blue Note).

2) A Swedish punk band originally formed in Gothenburg in 1981 with members from Perverts and Göteborg Sound. After a while the band s...

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Charta 77

Swedish punk-band formed in 1983 in the Swedish town Köping.

Today the band consists of Per Granberg (lyrics & bass), Johnny Smedberg (guitar), Mattias Söderlund (bass), Johan Hultman (drums).

The band is a very popular live act, and often plays at music festivals.

Per Granberg met Johnny Smedberg after Per's former band N.O.S's gig at Folkets Park in Köping and they then formed the new band Charta 77. Read more on . User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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